Science Careers from The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) has launched their new and improved careers platform, dedicated to serving the scientific industries worldwide.

Science Careers offers a wide variety of content designed to assist scientists of all disciplines, backgrounds and experience levels navigate their career path. This includes over 3,000 job listings that are updated daily, thousands of career advice articles written by the Science Careers editorial staff.

Jobseekers are provided with the opportunity to create a profile and upload their resume which only takes a matter of minutes to complete. This enables potential employers to search their skills and experience to find the best talent for their business. Jobseekers can also set up personalised email alerts for their desired roles, providing a distinct advantage when it comes to applying for highly competitive positions.

Science Careers has over 220,000 registered users which provides employers with a hugely valuable resource to access the best talent in the job market. This results in over one million job searches conducted on Science Careers each month.

For employers, Science Careers provides multiple platforms for recruiting scientists and extending their employment brand including job postings, banner advertisements, email and newsletters and sponsorships.

Employers also have the option to compile a detailed search through a vast array of quality resumes, allowing them to view high quality candidates registered with the platform that are actively looking for a new role.

The prestigious nature of Science Careers and the AAAS, allows quality to be sourced within the platform, from some of the most competitive scientific industries all over the world, resulting in more choice for jobseekers and employers alike.

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