It has been proclaimed that 2013 has been the year of mobile. During the last 12 months there has been incredible growth within tablet and smartphone market with tablet sales set to surpass desktop devices by the end of the year. Across the board sites are reporting huge increases in mobile traffic, which for some editorial sites is out performing desktop traffic. There is no doubt that the world has gone mobile, but how is this affecting the job board industry?

The amount of job seekers browsing from mobile devices is increasing fast as the year rolls on. On average 25% of traffic across our network of job boards is now attributed to mobile, jobseekers are becoming more technologically savvy during their job hunt. However, this increase in mobile use has altered the jobseekers expectations of site performance. A seamless user experience is now expected from mobile devices no matter whether a jobseeker is using a WiFi connection or a 3G or 4G connection. Studies show that if a site on a mobile takes longer than five seconds to load, users will abandon their attempts and look for a site which is more mobile compatible. Undoubtedly the lines between desktop and mobile are beginning to blur.

So the question arose, ‘how do we make the jobseekers mobile experience indistinguishable from desktop use?’ One of the biggest challenges is to create a simple mobile application process that enables jobseekers to attach their CV from a mobile device. Historically mobile sites have sidestepped this problem by using a jobseekers existing profile which already has a CV uploaded. The main issue here is that unregistered users would have to create a profile on the desktop before that can apply on a mobile.

Introducing FileChooser

This week Madgex unveiled our brand new FileChooser application, which is currently being rolled out to all our clients’ sites. The FileChooser solution allows jobseekers to apply for vacancies directly from their mobile device, eliminating the need to registration and CV upload on the desktop.

FileChooser enables jobseekers to upload their CV to the job board using one of three cloud services, Dropbox, Skydrive or Google Drive. The current roll out will allow tablet users to apply for jobs directly from their tablet device for the first time ever, complementing the changing needs of the modern day job seeker.

FileChooser will also be a feature of our brand new responsive sites, which will extend the search and apply capability to smartphone users, ensuring that Madgex technology works to serve the multi-channel user, allowing job seekers to utilise more of their time to find the perfect job.

‘FileChooser is an exciting new addition to the Madgex platform, as it really starts to allow job seekers to start managing their jobs and applications through devices other than a desktop computer. This will facilitate jobseekers to use the software when they are on the move or at home and will enable them to make applications at any time that suits them during their day. This is a great step forward for Madgex clients in that it will help to increase both the time jobseekers spend on the website and their ability to apply for jobs which should result in a higher application rate for recruiters advertising on the site.’ Paul Lawes, Product Manager, Madgex.

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