Recruiters including the exact location of a position in a job advert is becoming increasing important for jobseekers. With the constant increase of commuting fees and sky rocketing petrol prices, it is now more important than ever for jobseekers to factor in commuting costs as well as skill requirements and company benefits.

Jobseekers use location as one of the primary criteria when searching for a role, whether that’s on a search engine or a job board’s navigation. If the search related information is designated to a wide geographical area this elongates the job search becoming detrimental to user experience.

With this in mind Madgex have introduced a brand new search functionality designed to benefit jobseekers and recruiters. The new Madgex location search functionality allows job postings to be listed at a more specific level which can be as granular as town or postcode level. This ensures the search experience is easier for jobseekers and ensures the recruiter receives the most relevant applications. The new functionality includes six million locations worldwide, including two million unique locations in the UK and one hundred thousand in the USA. The new location technology is incorporated across the entire Madgex job board platform not just the jobseeker site, clients will benefit from a quicker logging process within the CMS as well as the recruiter site.

Quicker search

The new location technology means users can search by town, postcode or country wide, allowing the search to be as specific or general as the user wishes. Facets will only show when there are jobs available in that area, if not they will offer the most relevant vacancies in the nearest towns and cities. The new search capabilities give jobseekers more control over their search by ensuring that they are only shown the most relevant job information to their specific search; helping to eradicate wasted time looking at jobs in unsuitable areas, whilst aiming to keep them on site as long as possible.

Search as navigation

User experience studies are showing a move towards using search as navigation, proving that it serves for a quicker and more relevant experience for the user. Predetermined search categories are losing their significance as web users prefer to navigate pages via search channels, putting the user in control of their experience. The ability to speed up the search process for jobseekers is imperative to improve the experience across Madgex sites. The most crucial part of job hunting for candidates is the application stage, so by introducing search into the navigation channels we are helping them complete that first phase of their job hunt in a more efficient manner, allowing them more time to sculpt the perfect application. Madgex have also introduced predictive search capabilities into the new location function ensuring the search experience is not only quick and simple but also relatable and more personal.

SEO benefit

The new location functionality also stands to have a very positive effect on SEO strategy. More specific search makes for more granular threads for Google’s robots to crawl, enhancing your chances of appearing in long tail searches on search engine results pages. Long tail search results are famed for providing a higher conversion rates than those shorter termed searches. Not only this but many jobseekers begin their hunt with a Google search, meaning the new locational search will increase your chances of being found by those who are not necessarily familiar with your brand.

You can view our latest location search functionality on the recently launched Thomas Net job board.

Ongoing job board innovation

The location project is one of many that make up Madgex’s ongoing product roadmap. One of our core values is to provide our clients with the most up to date job board software on the market. In the start of 2012 we changed our deployment procedure to an agile development process meaning we update our core platform with new features and functionality every 3 weeks. Currently we are also working on two more major projects; our new responsive design job board and a refreshed and improved recruiter services portal. Once launched these new updates will be rolled our across our client base during 2014.

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