Last week Madgex held its sixth Hack Day event. These days are a great excuse for everyone to down their usual tools – and to play around with new ideas, technologies and generally to have a bit of fun. This time around we had no specific theme – and invited entries of both a technical and non-technical nature - primarily to get everyone within Madgex involved.

As usual all teams bunkered down – keeping their ideas and projects under wrap as they worked on them in secret. The usual banter began in earnest.

Each team then had a strict 5 minute slot to present their concept/project to the company. The event was kindly judged by one of our partner clients... and they had the arduous task of selecting the winning entry.

It’s always inspiring to see what people manage to achieve within a day – and also the ideas that spark from these events. Over the years we’ve had a number of hack day projects that have had a major influence on our products and product code bases.

The Hack Day 6 presentations consisted of...

  • A conceptual new Content Management System built in Silverlight
  • Job and candidate demographics visualisation in Google Maps
  • Tea Shelf – an efficiency saving door entry system
  • Android Job Seeker mobile phone application
  • TheFriendlyPlaces – An online Dog and child friendly pub guide mashup
  • Monty Python styled Lorum Ispum text generation
  • Visual Job board dashboard showing daily job views and application rates

The Hack Day 6 cup and prize money was awarded to Team Tea Shelf – for a lovely bit of fun that entertained everyone with its off the wall (literally) creativity and amusing presentation video clips.

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