Today we announced that we’ve created one of the first OAuth .net libraries available and we’ll be publishing all the code on Google Code. The technology enables easy secure sharing of personal data around the web and as delegates at dConstruct 2008 heard this morning, we have chosen to open source the code for wider use.

OAuth is a simple way to publish and interact with protected data without sending user names or passwords across to third party sites. OAuth libraries have already been developed for Java, PHP and Python amongst other coding languages, but now the increasingly large .net developer community can also benefit from the technology.

Here at Madgex we are continually researching and designing better experiences for jobseekers and recruiters and in doing so, we often explore areas where knowledge can be shared. The research is broad, covering everything from social media interfaces to new search technologies.

“We want to share our ideas and code publicly as part of our wider support of the web development community” said Glenn Jones, Creative Director.

“The thing that really stuck in my mind when we started to investigate OAuth was the joy of the user experience. With sometimes as little as two clicks I can share data between sites, which would otherwise take me ages to re-enter. OAuth shines not because the technology is cool, but because it has the capability to fundamentally change the way people use the web. It allows web users to easily share data between sites in ways we have not been able to achieve before.”

We have also launched, a site dedicated to the sharing of our ongoing research work inclusive of API demos. It’s been created with the aim of helping web developers and social networks and we are hoping to be able to put additional applications live later in the year.

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