Utdanning launched their new recruitment site Læ earlier this year.

Utdanningsforbundet (The Education Union - Norway), is Norway’s largest trade union for teaching personnel and publishes Utdanning with a distribution to approximately 130,000 subscribers in the Norwegian education sector.


Utdanning had been successfully advertising jobs for a number of years, however, recently they had lost market share to competitors. In order to compete with the leading job boards in Norway, Utdanning decided they needed to create a new solution to help them win back revenue.


Utdanning partnered with Madgex to launch their brand new recruitment platform Læ The specialist job board was created to target teaching personnel, covering all areas of the education system from preschool education to colleges and universities.

Læ was built on Madgex’s responsive platform, combining innovative job board technology and advanced user-focused design to provide job seekers with a seamless user experience. The innovative design of the job board gives Læ a huge competitive advantage in their market.

Previously, job seekers were unable to browse Utdannings’ job board using mobile devices. A key requirement for Læ was to ensure that job seekers were able to browse and apply for positions from any device. With Madgex’s advanced responsive solution, Læ is designed to render to any device without losing any functionality or access to content.

On the Madgex platform, Læ benefits from:

  • An extensive sales inventory: Endless packages recruiters will pay extra for. Including: Display advertising, targeted email campaigns and options for increased employer branding.
  • High-quality design and user experience: Generates high volumes of transactions and revenues
  • Responsivedesign - Allowing the Læ audience to engage where and how they like
  • Excellent SEO and UX capability: Drives traffic to and keeps it there
  • Ongoing product roadmap: Læ stays competitive at no extra cost to them
  • Management information: Across all channels for Læ to review and run their business more effectively
  • Input, advice and support from Madgex, ranging from account management, technical support, analytics reviews, benchmarking, advice, training, webinars and much more.

Client testimonial

“We believe that Læ will be the start of a new era for the job market in the whole education sector in Norway. Our knowledge on our niche sector combined with the expertise in Madgex is already delivering great results. Madgex were professional and easy to work with throughout the entire process. They had a great understanding of what we needed as customers and delivered it fast! We can absolutely recommend Madgex to anyone that needs a new recruitment website.”

Carina Dyreng, Project Manager

Læ Union of Education Norway

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