Job searching on your mobile is now even easier with Jobfinder’s new mobile site and the newly developed iPhone app., Denmark’s leading specialist engineering job board, has launched a new jobseeker mobile site and iPhone app. The aim behind the project was to increase the choice of mobile services for jobseekers searching and applying for jobs using mobile devices.

The HTML 5 mobile site and iPhone app allows jobseekers to discover the latest engineering jobs, save specific searches and share jobs across their social networks. Both sites enable jobseekers to apply for jobs directly from their device by using their stored Jobfinder account details. They can also retrieve and access their saved mobile searches from the desktop using their Jobfinder profile.

Jobseekers can search using keywords or select categories such as job title, industry and location, just the same as using on a desktop. Jobseekers can then choose to save these searches by recruiter, which then automatically monitors alerts users of any new jobs that matched their specific search criteria.

They also have the ability to select specific jobs as favourites on their mobile search, by saving the job to a task manager which can then be accessed easily from a computer on, easing the journey of using multiple devices during a job search.

22% of users accessed using a mobile device in May 2013, “We have a lot of mobile users and their experience will be made much better by the introduction of the new mobile site” says Anette Malling, Business Manager at Jobfinder.

With the prediction that 50% of mobile users in Denmark will own a smartphone by the end of 2013, the Jobfinder mobile sites have arrived at the perfect time. "Our new mobile site and iPhone app are very user-friendly and have the advantage that a jobseeker’s activity is saved to both the mobile and desktop. We hope it will get more users to visit our mobile site" says Anette Malling.

The new iPhone app not only lets users search and save all manner of searches and jobs, but it also allows them to set up their own push notifications informing jobseekers of new jobs which suit their skills and experience. This means recruiters have the chance to reach out to jobseekers without them having to be logged into the site. Jobseekers can decide when and how often they receive notifications of new jobs based on their own personal search criteria.

"The iPhone app has more features than other similar apps in the market and is very intuitive. This will enable iPhone users to get huge value by receiving the job alerts as soon as new jobs are added to" says Anette Malling. The iPhone app also provides a handy overview of your past searches and jobs you have viewed, so your favourite searches are available quickly and easily, providing active jobseekers with an easier way to manage their job search.

Download the iPhone app from iTunes.

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