Icaewvolunteers.com is a free and easy to use volunteering job board for ICAEW members and the wider public. All not-for-profit organisations (including charities, schools and social enterprises) can post unlimited volunteering opportunities free of charge to the website.

Inspired by Lord Hodgson’s review of the Charities Act, ICAEW and CABA with some help from Madgex, have created a platform that brings volunteers from the financial sector together with the charities and organisations who need them most.

The volunteering sector has seen steady growth since the recession, with last year’s Olympics seeing uptake in volunteering activities sky rocket. A Government poll from February showed that 72% of people have volunteered in the last year, with one in three people volunteering formally once a month.

However, Lord Hodgson’s review of the Charities act showed that charities are struggling to find economical recruitment solutions, and that 81% of charities recruit their Trustees by word of mouth. Financial volunteers are crucial to many organisations; in fact 32% of all volunteering roles involve raising or handling money. This is where the idea for ICAEW Volunteers grew.

Nick Brooks, Chair of ICAEW’s Charity and Voluntary Sector Group stated;

“The driving force behind the website came from a desire to help charities find volunteers with the expertise needed to fill specialist roles. This will support the thousands of Chartered Accountants who are eager to volunteer their skills.”

The platform provides charities and non-profit organisations a free space to advertise for volunteer roles, allowing them access to quality candidates with relevant and sort after qualifications. In turn it offers a simple browsing process for those who are looking to help out an organisation with their time and expertise.

The two companies are not restricting the site to just ICAEW members. CABA state;

‘Volunteering provides a great opportunity for people at any stage of their career development to gain experience and put their business skills to the test’.

By opening up ICAEW Volunteers to the wider community the site is extending the chance for the financial industry to develop vital skills within an organisation that needs help most. Giving people a chance to work for organisations, which by Lord Hodgson’s report ‘need the managerial skills business can provide’, is a step towards strengthening the pillars of the financial community, providing employees with much need skills and employers with much needed services.

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