Emap, the business-to-business multi-platform media group, today announces the launch of HSJjobs.com and LGCjobs.com. Powered by Emap’s industry-leading titles Health Services Journal (HSJ) and Local Government Chronicle (LGC), the two websites are set to become an essential recruitment resource for both job-seekers and employers in health services and local government.

The affiliation with HSJ and LGC offers extensive reach within each job board’s respective sector. HSJjobs.com reaches candidates in the senior health market, with a readership of 70,000 across HSJ and its affiliate networks, whilst LGCjobs.com has an audience primarily of managers across Local Government, utilising LGC’s readership of 39,000.

The new job sites provide the latest candidate-focused usability, via the new Madgex ‘V3’ job board platform. The new system incorporates simple registration for job alert emails, easy CV uploading and a straightforward application process. For employers and hiring managers, the sites offer competitively priced advanced features as well as a self-service suite.

Tracey Davies, Managing Director of Emap Recruitment, says: “HSJjobs.com and LGCjobs.com offer unique recruitment solutions in healthcare and local government. The exceptional networks and reputation of the print brands HSJ and LGC, allow recruiters unparalleled access to the core of each sector, while the sites save job-seekers time by presenting them with the best opportunities and a simple user experience.”

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