We’ve been chosen to power six job boards for CMPi, a leading international business-to-business company that delivers media solutions to over 20 industry sectors.

CMPi has chosen to move five of its established job boards ( www.building4jobs.com, www.bd4jobs.com, www.propertyweek4jobs.com, www.bsj4jobs.co.uk, www.shp4jobs.co.uk ) to the Madgex Job Board platform and a new security job board will also be launched as part of the rollout. The two latest launches (www.bd4jobs.com and www.shp4jobs.co.uk) went live on 1st May following the successful launch of www.building4jobs.com in April. The two remaining sites will go live in June and July.

There is currently a skills shortage in the building and engineering industry due to insufficient numbers of UK graduates coming into the market. The job sites that we’re building for CMPi will ensure that industry employers have the best opportunity to find and attract the skilled workers that they need.

Richard Myles, Recruitment Sales Director for CMPi, said: “We feel that Madgex will develop clear, strong job sites for us that focus highly on usability for recruiters and job seekers alike. Our aim is to offer our clients the best solution to reach the available candidates in our markets and to ensure our job seekers benefit from the easiest methods of finding their next job. Having looked into the options, Madgex offered the most cost effective solution to meet this aim.”

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