After almost 5 years of being a freelance web designer, I became well accustomed to wearing many hats, whilst keeping my focus on the creative visual design. I joined Madgex at the beginning of September last year as a Creative Designer in an integrated design team. So when I was asked to re-design a page for one our clients, I was keen to test out the integrated approach.

The brief was to re-design a page which would market a new mobile app, as well as instruct users on downloading the app. My first stop was to the Creative Director to get insight into the current design as well as draw upon their extensive knowledge of the product we were marketing (the mobile app). This helped me to break the original brief down into some requirements, and understand the hierarchy of information that I would be working with.

Looking for ways to improve the overall design I decided to share my findings as well as some layout sketches with our User Experience Consultant. With some further discussion and iterations we came up with a new design that met both the existing and new requirements.

3 integrated improvements:

  • We structured the client’s copy into a pyramid model, page title, intro and full text. We then divided the marketing text over the page; creating an introduction for those keen to download, followed by the two step download instruction and the remaining marketing text for those wanting to know a bit more about the app.
  • As an image of the app was a requirement we decided to add a large one for visual impact, making that app tangible. We gave the far left device a jaunty little jump, creating a bit of movement and adding a little joy to the experience.
  • The size of the ‘Download App’ button was increased, making it bigger than the buttons on the rest of the site. With mobile users in mind, the thumb or forefinger could be deployed with ease for that all important download moment.

DrapersJobs Marketing Page

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